For many busy couples, intimacy is unfortunately an issue that gets pushed aside.  Really, nobody’s checking up on it (we hope), and you don’t normally have a deadline on it or any of the other checks and balances that are involved in many other sectors of your lives.

Still, intimacy is an integral part of a relationship, so where do you go from here, especially when you’re overtaxed and exhausted?

Schedule it!  This is too important to let it get away!  Take out that datebook and in whatever codes or symbols work out for you, get it in there.  No, this isn’t a crutch for the weak.  This is a tool for busy people that care about their relationships. 

Let’s say that it isn’t that you aren’t around at night, but that you or your partner are just too exhausted by then to deal with the effort of being close, rather than catching a few more oh-so-necessary moments of sleep.  Legitimate, but still a problem.  Pinpoint the issues and take care of them.

Too tired and overloaded?  Work out a nap.  Maybe while your partner so graciously makes dinner, you take a break.  How about you bathing the children, if that’s your situation, while your sweetheart goes for a snooze.   Other options may include shuffling your day so you actually have some time together on your lunch break(s), a morning together… creativity is key. 

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