There are many stages to a relationship. After the romantic stage ends many couples fall into a comfort zone, not realizing that they need to make an effort to allocate time for nurturing physical intimacy. The passion has so diminished that you may even wonder how it’s possible to return to those romantic days with your partner. Did you know than 40 million Americans are stuck in a low sex or no sex relationship? Do you ever feel that you and your partner need to revive the romance in your relationship?

A subscriber, Michelle, wrote me that physical intimacy in her relationship of 7 years has waned so much that she doesn’t have sex for up to 8-month stretches. She still feels attracted to her partner but feels they are too comfortable with each other and neither of them initiate sex. She asked advice on how to revive the passion and intimacy with her partner.

_I told Michelle that she and her partner must be willing to work at reintroducing romance into their relationship. I have seen wonderful results from my clients after they applied practical methods to the problem. The first step is to actually communicate with your partner. Remind him or her how attractive and desirable they are. Begin by recounting the wonderful memories and sexy experiences you have shared. Talk about what still turns you on about your partner. Discuss what you desire and find out what your partners needs are. What will make you both feel satisfied?

You want to set a new tone and agree that you will set time aside to focus and nurture the physical part of your relationship. Schedule “intimacy dates” to get more comfortable with being romantic with each other again. You can have a romantic evening at home making dinner for each other and starting to slowly touch, showing affection. It’s important to take turns initiating and doing what you know your partner likes and enjoys.

Remember your relationship is a partnership and both sides need to give for it to flourish. Physical satisfaction is a priority, because it not only makes us feel good, but also creates a more enduring bond in our relationship.

Are you feeling challenged in your relationship because you don’t feel heard, getting the empathy you need or that your partner understands you? Are you not feeling the romance and intimacy the way you did when you first started dating?

It is possible to feel heard, get your needs met and reconnect to your partner feeling the romance like when you first started dating.

After 18 years of being a therapist and practicing counseling with thousands of couples, I have broken down the basics of relationship challenges and put together something so easy to access and understand that can help you learn how to effectively communicate and get that connection back to your partner. f you’re ready to feel heard and rekindle the romance and intimacy, check out this url:

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