You may have been dropping hints about your #relationshipgoals in hashtags, but have you started making them a reality in your relationship?  Here are a few ways to pull together those relationship goals into a shared vision and set of actions:

Create a Vision Board

It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy, but if kayaking the Grand Canyon or doing a killer karaoke set together is one of your relationship goals, make it more real with an image or description of what it would look like to achieve that goal together as a couple.  When both of you contribute to a shared vision of your relationship goals, there’s a better chance you’ll work together on each goal.  Keeping it visible in a place you see regularly provides more opportunities to be reminded of that goal and how you might conquer it together.  

Save the Date

Would you like to crush those relationship goals weekly or monthly?  Set dates in the calendar to make time for making sure those relationship goals come to life.  Goals that are scheduled into shared calendars are much more likely to happen than those that get talked about but never scheduled.  

Make Reservations & Place Deposits

Another way to make relationship goals real is to secure your commitment up front.  Want to make sure you take a fantastic vacation together?  Place a deposit for your vacation now so that you’re committed to coming up with the rest to make it happen.  Want to make sure you finally get a coveted table at a hard to get into restaurant?  Make those reservations now for the date you’re planning on six months away.

Gather Ideas and Goals on a Planner

There are goals you want to bring to life such as making more money, starting your own business, buying a home, going back to school or getting fit. A planner will help keep your ideas and goals organized and together you can make the steps towards achieving them part of your everyday life.

What Action Will You Take Today?

Which of these actions are you going to take today?  Which one will your partner start today so that you’re both taking one action today toward your relationship goals?  There’s no better time to get started than right now when you’ve already got an action plan in your hands.  Kick things off now by sharing this post of action steps to help get the ball rolling.

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