Whether you’re married or in a relationship, anniversaries mark that special day that brought you and your partner together as a couple. 
I believe that this is something to celebrate…to show your partner how much you love and appreciate him/her and that this day is special to you too. 
After many years together, it often becomes more and more difficult to think of romantic anniversary ideas. 
Some couples prefer to give gifts, while others want to create a memorable anniversary experience.

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Here is relationship advice on favorite romantic anniversary ideas:

Instead of going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner, how about packing a picnic basket and going to a romantic spot. If you live by the ocean, a beach is always a good option, or otherwise your favorite park, or any other place that has good memories for you as a couple. Pack his/her favorite food, wine, and don’t forget a delicious dessert!

Treat yourselves to a couple’s spa experience. You will love spending time together in the hot tub, having a massage and relaxing by the pool.

Go into work late and start the day with a homemade breakfast in bed for the two of you to enjoy.

Make a treasure hunt of gifts! Hide a few small gifts around your home with clues for your partner to find them.

Romantic evening at home – nothing beats a romantic dinner at home with candles, flowers, and some massage oil to give each other a home spa experience.

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