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The materials to the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program are wonderful. I also think that a variety of clients at different levels of treatment would be able to easily use them.
– Patricia M. Regensburg, LCSW

After listening to the Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program audio, I am convinced that every couple should have a copy of this amazing audio at their disposal. The exercises on this audio, helps couples open up and bond with each other in new and exciting ways that they never knew existed. It opens your mind into a whole different way of thinking and caring. I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first, but after listening to this audio, I was transformed. It was very educational, helpful and therapeutic. I believe that even those who are happily married, could benefit from the exercises on this audio. The price of this audio is a bargain when you take into account how much priceless and beneficial information the consumer receives on one audio. I truly believe that this audio is a must have tool for anyone who is in a relationship with a partner.
– Anna Ebrani, Therapist in Training

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program tackles the most critical elements for a lasting relationship…great communication. You get tangible tools and tips on how to bring resolution to issues in a gentle and powerful way. Every couple should listen to this!
– Debi Berndt, Author of LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley, 2010)

If you feel that money and financial issues are ruining your marriage and talking about it with your partner just seems to make things worse, you have to listen to this program—it might save your relationship!
– Masha Malka,

I have to admit I was a little skeptical that a program like this would be effective. However, after listening to Rachel, I quickly came to realize that this program is an invaluable investment that has exceeded my expectations on every level, offering real-life examples of common issues couples face, using practical tools to take your relationship to another level. Whether your relationship lacks intimacy or you want to continue to develop your relationship and take it to the next level, this program is a must have!
– Suzanne, Communications Professional

Strategies to Resolve Money Conflicts with your Partner is an amazing growth tool to use in your relationship. In this audio, I learned my money type as well as what my husband’s money type is, which I had no clue of before. This, along with the techniques, exercises and ‘Rachel’s Rules’, has opened my eyes up to see my true relationship with money and how I can better manage my money type. This powerful information has also allowed me to better understand how to resolve the money conflicts with my partner. Rachel communicates her insights so clearly and her exercises and tools can be implemented easily and simply. I highly recommend Rachel’s program…thank you so much Rachel!
– Gina Rafkind,

If you are ready to transform your relationship, I highly recommend The Relationship Suite! The lessons are easy-to-use and very powerful. Rachel is a master as connecting you to your inner wisdom so that you can understand how your relationship is working, and find the perfect next steps to create more intimacy, understanding, communication and joy. I am definitely going to be recommending this transformative program to my clients!
– Joanna Lindenbaum,

Rachel is a skilled couples therapist and educator. Her years of training and expertise are now available everyone with her Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. You will learn practical and easy tools that you can start using right away to improve your relationship. You will understand what gets in the way of your having a fulfilling relationship and how to quickly abolish them so you are open to give and receive the love in your life. And these skills are so universal, you will start to see ALL of your relationships improving!
– Lora Sasiela,

The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program gives you permission to explore your relationship in a safe and nurturing environment. By living presently and opening yourself up to the teachings of Rachel Moheban, you will start to equate “therapy” with the benefits of mind/body practice. Learning the differences of conscious and unconscious marriages, living in the moment, and experiencing unity with your partner and the world are crucial in forging a stronger bond with your partner and finding a happiness within yourself.
– Melissa Cassera,

I must truly recommend Relationship Expert, Rachel Moheban, and her incredible program The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. Not only is the content in this program of extremely high-value, but Rachel has such an awesome way of delivering the information so that it sinks right in and is accessible for immediate change.

Rachel has taken the best of the best from modern psychology and distilled it into easy to understand step by steps. I thought I knew a lot about healthy relationships but with each audio I received golden nugget after golden nugget. If you are ready to truly change the way you relate with your partner (and relationships just in general)then this is the tool for you. It is a gem. Rachel, thank you!
– Heather Dominick,

I’ve listened to many communication trainings and I found Rachel’s delivery and clarity to be far superior. Since the big results come from making small adjustments in our thoughts and speech, it is imperative the instructor is able to articulate the process correctly. Rachel is an excellent speaker with the exact tone and pace to get her point across. Her strategies have worked to improve every relationship and conversation in my life and I highly recommend learning from her.
– Kelly Rudolph “Your Personal Safety Trainer,” CEO SURVIVE! Self-Defense LLC

Rachel Moheban’s Relationship Suite is a wonderful contribution to couple development work. The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program can be used as a self-help guide or as a resource for couples therapists, this program promises to help couples learn the basics of healthy communication and connection. A welcome addition to the field.
– Suzanne Iasenza, PhD Psychologist, Private Practice

Rachel is a true expert with an amazing energy and knowledge base. Her creativity, supportive nature and incredible authentic personality makes for a perfect environment to transform your relationship. Her dedication and passion alone will move you forward!
– Melinda Janicki,

I highly recommend this series to anyone whether in a relationship or currently single. Every listener can benefit from Rachel’s vast knowledge and deep understanding on the subject of interpersonal relationships. The content of the program is brilliant and it not only teaches you how to be a better partner but a better person. Rachel has a calm soothing way of delivering the information that sets the listener at ease and makes you want to go on this journey with her. I can’t say enough about this program.
– Sandy, University Administrator

I highly recommend Rachel Moheban’s Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program for both married couples and as a premarital program. The program provides five insightful audio sessions on Communication, Anger, Money, Physical Intimacy, and Emotional Intimacy for those who want to increase self-understanding and strengthen their relationships. She effectively combines advice from relationship experts (such as Hendricks, Gottmann, and McCarthy) with her own unique insights and illustrations from her extensive counseling experience. The accompanying workbooks provide a verbatim script of the audio for those who want to follow along while listening to Rachel’s teaching, which includes motivating visualizations and thought-provoking exercises related to each topic.
– Jane P. Ives, Marriage and Family Ministries Consultant, United Methodist General Board of Discipleship