The Relationship Suite website has officially launched and focuses on helping my clients reach their goals to live a successful and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

When you visit my site you’ll have the opportunity to review my different therapy and coaching sessions, read my blog and sign up for the free True Relationship Success quiz to help you understand where you stand within your relationship or as a single person looking for love. You can also take part in my free couple’s teleclasses, a free relationship discovery call and a free consultation call!

I am a firm believer that in order to be successful in your relationships, a psycho-educational program that includes strategies and techniques is important. This is true in romantic relationships, singles seeking love and even relationships in the workplace.  I believe everyone holds the key to leading a fulfilling and happy life, but many need the right tools and guidance to help open the door to success.

In my 12 years experience providing therapy to couples and singles, I became aware that the missing ingredient to living a balanced, fulfilling and healthy life isn’t just about resolving problematic behaviors, beliefs and feelings, but to be educated on common issues before they arise. I have seen many couples and singles enter therapy when resentment has already built beyond repair. I feel if people understand why problems occur in the first place, they will be better equipped to meet potential issues head on before they spiral out of control.

This is why I offer coaching as a compliment to therapy. Each session begins with a complimentary phone consultation and is offered in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Farsi. I offer my sessions in the client’s home, allowing for a safe and comfortable environment to unearth problems and establish an individual plan to transform relationships and get to the root of problems.

My coaching program, Relationship Breakthrough helps couples learn about and conquer the common issues that plague their relationship. My sessions include:

  • Communicating without dictating
  • Avoiding the money trap
  • Turning down the anger without going numb
  • Checking in for physical intimacy
  • Creating deeper intimate connections (in 2 steps)

In addition to providing a program for couples, I also coach singles to help conquer their insecurities and over step the barriers that stand in the way of a loving and fulfilling life.