Pick a date….CHECK!
Choose the perfect dress….CHECK!
Reserve the reception hall….CHECK!
The perfect wedding is important.

I know how easy it is to get swept away in all of the details of your wedding planning. Between the never ending array of choices for invitations, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, table settings – not to mention all the delicious food and cake you get to sample.

But the most important part of planning your wedding and the greatest relationship advice I can give you that many brides don’t even consider is: Make sure YOU have a good time at your wedding party.

After so much planning, and stress, brides later regret that they forgot to have a good time at their own wedding. They complain that they were caught up in issues such as; “is there enough food,” “is the music good,” “am I dancing enough”, or “spending enough time with certain friends/family,” and they didn’t have a good time.

Remember, this is the first step to a new life with your partner, make it a fun night and start the path to your happily ever after.

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