Ever wondered what happened to the passion and intimacy in your relationship? Remember the days of sparks flying, feeling that you are the only two people in the world?

Generally, relationships start in this way, but as time passes and day-to-day life intervenes, many couples find themselves drifting apart.

Why does this happen?
Here are some of the reasons that can cause waning intimacy in a relationship:

  • Stress on the job
  • Financial burden
  • Children

The barriers standing between you and your partner are undeniable, but so are the reasons to recapture and retain your emotional intimacy.

What can you do about it?

Create a list of experiences that draw you near to your partner. What actions bring you physical pleasure? What moments make you feel as if you are the only people in the world? Generously place these items on the list and complete them weekly. Rekindling your intimacy step by step is less overwhelming, and it gives you activities to ensure the fire does not die out again.

Making a to-do list has never been this fun!

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