Once upon a time, you and your partner could each spend whatever you wanted or could afford, whenever you wanted, on whatever took your fancy.  You were single, footloose and fancy-free with obligations to no one else.  You were also without the precious companionship of the special person that has become your partner.

Now, you’re a couple and finances often do need to be placed in a state of discussion, planning and compromise.

One big issue that frequently comes up with couples is a difference in what constitutes a “good weekend”.  That is, that both sides of the couple arrive at Sunday night feeling refreshed, happy and ready for a new week.

There are those that are sometimes categorized as “Type A” personalities, that prefer to maximize each minute of the weekend by planning out what will be done, what will be spent and when relaxation will take place.  There are others for whom a weekend isn’t a weekend without the possibility for complete spontaneity and needing to go out.  It isn’t infrequent for a relationship to consist of “one from column A and one from column B” as described above.

As always, the solution lies in understanding your partner’s needs and appreciating their different style.  There are couples that solve exactly this issue by dividing each weekend.  One has Saturday and the other’s day is Sunday.  Some solve the problem by each being in charge of the planning for every other weekend.  It may be helpful to work out ahead of time what the weekly or monthly spending budget will be for your adventures.

No matter which solutions you choose, the key to success is, as always, good communication.  State your own desires and needs and be open to hearing those of your partner.

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