Relationship Therapy


As a multilingual licensed individual and couples therapist for two decades, I help you work through blocks that are preventing you from having the kind of life you want. If you are feeling stuck in the same self- defeating patterns, find yourself anxious or worried for no reason that you can identify or having the same fights with your partner over and over again, we work together on breaking you out of these negative patterns and habits. I help you identify triggers and deeper reasons you are feeling anxious and unhappy. You learn new healthier ways of coping and relating to others. Our goal together is to help you gain insight and awareness into your behavior and change dynamics in your relationship(s).

My specialities are couples/marital counseling, premarital counseling, breakup and divorce, and anxiety disorders.

I am also certified in Critical Incident Stress Management and have worked for over 20 years as a consultant, trainer and Employee Assistance Counselor for various corporations counseling employees and managers on grief, trauma and work related issues.


Rachel Moheban is one of THE best couples/individual therapists I know. My husband and I initially went to her to talk about the most common pitfalls of marriage and how we can be proactive about them. Of course no relationship is perfect but she has changed our lives by changing our mindset to be more aware of our actions and taught us how to better communicate with each other. We are closer and understand each other on a much deeper level because of Rachel.” S. D. 


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