The act of physical intimacy helps to create a shared pleasure. Physical connection reinforces and deepens intimacy, and it acts as a tension releaser for the stressors in your relationship.

I’ve had many clients tell me they feel more connected emotionally to their partner when they are physically intimate. Physical connection is extremely important for those couples that lead very busy lifestyles and may not have enough time to spend together on a daily basis.

It’s very important to make your partner feel desirable. Unfortunately, I’ve seen couples have difficulty initiating physical affection and intimacy with their partner out of fear of being rejected.

The problem here is that this leads to them not putting enough energy into the partnership. You want to keep the relationship “alive” by physically connecting and not falling into feeling distant and disconnected to your partner.

Action Tip: Initiate intimacy 
A creative and fun way to revive intimacy in your relationship is to Establish a Love Box. Create a small box or hope chest filled with slivers of paper detailing the intimate acts you have longed to share with your partner. Writing things down removes the stigma of saying, “Honey, I would like for us to…” or “I like it when you…” Create your Love Box filled with your “Honey-Do” sheets, and have fun choosing which intimate moment you and your partner will enjoy every week.

By initiating physical intimacy, you are making your partner feel sexually desirable, reminding him/her that you see them as attractive. You don’t want the lack of initiation and intimacy to rob you and your partner of the physical and emotional connection you want and deserve.

I encourage you to take action and initiate physical intimacy. The rewards will give you lasting satisfaction and sustained passion in your relationship.

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