Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been together for a while now and have reached the ‘comfortable’ stage in your relationship.

You sometimes forget to shave your legs, he doesn’t call as often in the day as he should. You’re both in the habit of watching television during dinnertime or playing around on Facebook instead of actually talking to each other.

These are all examples of bad habits in a relationship that need to be nipped in the bud if you want to grow together and become even more intimate.

Each relationship is unique with each couple experiencing different bad habits that they need to break.

Here are the top 3 more general relationship bad habits that tend to affect most relationships:

  • Assuming – never assume! Never assume that your partner knows you love him/her and that you don’t need to say it, never assume that your partner won’t mind if you stay late at work without calling. Whatever the scenario, the point is ‘don’t make assumptions, communicate!’
  • Taking each other for granted – avoid the mindset that because your partner is in a relationship with you, it is his/her duty to do things to please you. Even though it is crucial to be kind to each other, don’t forget to thank your partner for what he/she does and to appreciate each other.
  • Disrespecting – it’s never ok to disrespect your partner. Whether it’s disrespect in front of the kids, in front of others or even in private when it’s just the two of you, it’s not ok. Mutual respect is key to any strong, healthy relationship.

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