Depression that is left untreated can be serious and sometimes fatal. The good news is depression is treatable. But there are some people who resist treatment. It’s especially difficult when your spouse is in denial or doesn’t want to get treatment. This can tear your family and relationship apart. But, there are ways to help a resistant spouse get help:

  • Talk to your spouse about the impact their depression has on you and your children. Let them know the consequences and the adverse effects it has on the family.
  • Schedule an appointment with a professional in advance and offer to go with your spouse.
  • Seek out supports including trusted friends and family to help convince your spouse to go into treatment.
  • Give your spouse hope and emphasize the benefits of treatment and how it can help alleviate their symptoms so they can live a better life.

It can be challenging to be married to someone who suffers from depression and doesn’t want to get help. But, with patience and perseverance, you can communicate to your spouse that can conquer depression as a team and look forward to a new beginning in your marriage.

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