We all want to revel in the Romantic Love Stage of our relationships. We crave that passionate, intense energy because it feeds us and makes us feel alive. This is how we identify love. We fear that we have fallen out of love when that energy fades. Believe it or not, the fire felt during the Romantic Love Stage is the result of chemicals in your brain. Your body releases hormones and brain chemicals, endorphins that make you feel high and promote attachment to your partner.

Unfortunately, your brain cannot maintain this level of chemical production indefinitely. The hormones decrease and your brain chemistry gradually returns to normal. Once you lose this intense state of passion, or chemically-boosted love, you crave it again. When this happens, some people mistakenly believe that “love” has been lost and then turn away from their partners in search of a new partner who can provide this chemically-induced feeling of exuberance. But relationships progresses in stages.

We know that these wanderlust lovers will mourn this loss of “love” from the Romantic Love Stage every time their relationships journey to the next period.

But you don’t have to lament the loss of your love or long for the Romantic Love Stage of your relationship. You and your partner can revive your relationship and restore the flames of passion if you make a decision to commit to a deeper emotional connection.

It’s important to replace romantic love with emotional intimacy after the Romantic Love Stage, which usually fades within the first year. Emotional intimacy means accepting your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. The advantage of having an emotionally intimate relationship is that you feel loved and accepted for who you are.

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