Funny thing about anger…it can play with the mind, turn an innocent conversation into a combat zone, make your loving partner seem like the enemy…

How does it manage to do this?

Anger can transform a benign sentence into a venomous one and cause noteworthy emotions to be perverted into comments that start squabbles. Anger can morph, “When you do not help me with the housework, I feel overwhelmed and unappreciated,” into the accusatory, “You never do anything to help out around here!” Which statement would encourage your partner to take out the trash?

You can’t banish anger from your life, but you can loosen its grip on your conversations by following these tips:

  1. Cool down your rage by taking a breather or a time out from your conversation.
  2. Remove accusatory phrases such as, “You don’t appreciate me anymore,” from your conversations.
  3. Pinpoint the source of your anger with phrases such as, “When you go on weekly shopping sprees, I feel annoyed and uncertain about our financial future.”
  4. Direct your partner how he or she might reverse your anger.

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